Jesus is the answer

 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in him,should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

I cannot overemphasize the fact, that whatever your need is, the answer is Jesus. It does not matter what you need , or think is now more grievously urgent for you, Jesus is the answer. God’s supply to you is inclusively packed in Jesus. Receive Jesus, have Jesus and all your needs are met.

Let me help you by pointing to you the greatest need you have whether you are aware of it or not. You need to do God’s will and be pleasing to Him. All your needs, whether are spiritual, emotional, physical are just symptoms of this one great need. If you’re a christian, you are aware of this need. You have already tried to do all you can to be and do all that is pleasing to your God, but down deep in your heart, you know that something is missing. Nothing of what you do or even all the sacrifices you have done is enough. You are not in rest, and you have no peace in your heart. Why it is so? Because you are looking to find the answer for your need in yourself. You can never be or do by yourself, what God wants you to be and do in His sight.

Only receive His love in the person of His Son. You believe in His love if you believe in Jesus. Only through Him, and because of Him you’re pleasing God the Father. Jesus is the only answer to this fundamental need. Only in knowing and believing God’s love, you will have real rest and peace in your heart. Receiving and believing in Jesus, brings such pleasure to God the Father in a similar way as an earthly father (how much more your heavenly Father) takes pleasure in meeting the needs of his children. Believe in Jesus and believe that all your needs are met. Know Him and you know that all your needs are met. This is the obedience that God wants from us. It’s called the obedience of faith or the obedience of the gospel. When we receive Jesus, then and only then, we truly obey God. When we believe in God’s love for us in the person of His Son, then and only then, we are truly pleasing God. Any action of ours no matter how noble or godly it might looks, unless is an expression and an overflow of our reception of His love, it’s sin. Our actions can have God or self as their source. If you consider,that you need to do something else, from just believing in Jesus, your actions of “obedience” will just derive from yourself. Receiving Jesus by faith, is not what we do once in order to be saved, but is what we are doing always if we want to live and walk in a pleasing way to the Father, where all our actions are from the overflow of God’s love, JESUS!